Ancient Myths & Higher Consciousness – Paul Boudreau


Ancient Myths & Higher Consciousness – Paul Boudreau

Focusing on ancient creation myths, Paul Boudreau will trace present day beliefs back to 5,000-year-old myths that have survived the ages to influence you today. What is the relevance of ancient myths to the awakening to higher states of consciousness?  He will reveal how myths influence our personal development without our awareness through their influence on our core values and culture.  It’s a complicated journey that shows how our beliefs have been shaped by the intersection of mythology, spirituality and science over thousands of years.


About Paul Boudreau

Paul R. Boudreau is an ecologist and biologist who studies ancient myths and sites, including onsite explorations of Egyptian temples, tombs, and pyramids.  He has a Master’s degree from Dalhousie University. He explored fisheries ecology as a career. Ancient myths and sites have captured his imagination and attention since childhood, struggling to understand the importance of what was taught to him as fairy tales. He has been fortunate enough to travel the world and to personally experience many of man’s highest creations – both ancient and modern. Onsite exploration of Egyptian temples, tombs and pyramids demonstrated the need for more detail and precision in how we look at ourselves and our world.



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