Alien Races: Descriptions, Attributes And Intentions

Alien Races

The Most Influential Alien Races On Earth


By Jimmy Jump

The topic of alien races has played upon the minds of being incarnate upon the earth plane for eons of time. In earlier civilizations, alien visitation and contacts were nothing out of the ordinary. Yet in the present day with our warlike and conquering nature, the peaceful interactions with our extra-terrestrial counterparts have decreased with a increase in negative contacts with sinister motives. Do not be alarmed, for our allies are still with us and they are aiding in the battle to eliminate the negative influences on our world as they have always done. We provide a basic comprehensive list of the four alien races most influential on earth and their attributes in the following paragraphs.



These entities reside and come from the Andormeda Galaxy, that move in inter-stellar light travel. They have hyper-light traveling capabilities, as they can travel from one side of the universe to the next in a matter of seconds. These beings are very thin, standing eight to ten feet tall and are extremely beautiful. This race is so spiritually evolved that they no longer have the need for physical bodies.

In ancient mythology, they are referred to as the winged gods. These beings do not eat, as they live off the prana(energy) of the universe. Andromedians have taken care of humanity for centuries as they consider us their brothers and sisters. Their mother ship is here at this moment in our stratosphere, and our government is very aware of this and can do no-thing about it. The Andromedians have inspired prophets and philosophers alike. Their teachings have been perverted and manipulated to control the masses and enslave the people, and this has been allowed. These beings are of a positive orientation.



These beings reside and come from the star constellation named the Pleiades. There are seven stars in the Pleiades, and these beings come from the star known as Taygeta. Out of the nine planets that orbit this star, only four are inhabited with living beings. Their home world is the planet Erra, which is very similar to our planet earth. They share the same plant and animal life as on earth, and their days are only six tenths of a second less than on earth.

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