Alien Messages: Crop Circles Decoded – Patty Greer


Patty Greer - Crop Circles Decoded

Crop Circles Decoded
Patty Greer

Delve into the Crop Circle phenomenon with a film maker Patty Greer who has visited more than 100 Crop Circles personally.  Greer takes the study into a new realm of possibilities and believes that the crop circles can be decoded offering humanity a deeper insight into itself and our extraterrestrial neighbors.


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About Patty Greer

Patty Greer is one of the most devoted Crop Circle film maker/researchers today. She produced 6 documentary films in record time that received 6 prestigious awards. With no experience in film making or UFOlogy whatsoever she became a “Contactee Experiencer” in a 2007 UK Crop Circle. Everything in her life changed drastically that day, and she has since become a voice for the “Circlemakers.”

Greer has visited more than 100 English Crop Circles personally and been enthralled with the phenomenon since 2006, returning in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2014. Surely one of the greatest wonders of the world, Crop Circles have mystified everyone! Acres of grain are seamlessly swirled down into precise pictograms and coded messages about human evolution.

Greer moved swiftly onto the UFO speaking circuit and received a standing ovation at the 2014 International UFO Congress Convention for her presentation on Crop Circles that featured more than 300 photos in 75 minutes. As Greer shares her vast library of Crop Circle images spanning the past 30 years, very few questions are left unanswered. Taking the study into a new realm of possibilities Greer exposes daunting clips from her films as evidence that plasma vortices and ET Balls of Light are involved in the creation of many Crop Circles. Communications are coming from parallel realities using a language we all understand: Art and Math.

Delivering the straight scoop from the epicenter of the Crop Circle phenomenon (Wiltshire England) her data brings metaphysics, ET technologies and science together to offer a clear understanding of this astounding phenomenon! Coming out of the earth in spinning plasma vorticies with specific frequencies, they unite with frequencies of mass human intelligence and other world (ET) frequencies. When these subtle energies spin together to perfection * the intended Crop Circle message is delivered within seconds! Crop Circles appear to be the first physical manifestation of collective ET/Earth/Human Consciousness communication ever. It’s time we learn to listen.


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