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The Secret Love Of John F Kennedy


It was in 1964, just before 12:30 P.M. on a crisp, sunny mid-October day in Washington, D.C., just one year after the death of John F Kennedy, a beautiful, affluent middle-aged white woman was murdered on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal towpath during her accustomed walk after a morning of painting at her nearby Georgetown art studio.

In this episode we will be speaking with Peter Janney who will be delve into the death of Mary Meyer.  Who was Mary Meyer and why was she murdered?  Was it a random act or were more sinister character involved?


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About Peter Janney

Peter Janney is an American writer, psychologist and lecturer based in Beverly, Massachusetts. He is best known for his book Mary’s Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace , in which he makes a detailed case that ex-CIA wife and John F. Kennedy mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer was murdered by the CIA in order to cover up what she had discovered about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Janney was raised in Washington, D.C. His father, Frederick Wistar Morris Janney, was a senior career CIA official who began work at the Agency shortly after its inception in 1947. His mother, Mary Draper Janney, graduated from Vassar College in the same class as Mary Pinchot Meyer. During the 1950s and 1960s, the Janney family socialized with many of Washington’s social and political elite, including the family of Mary and Cord Meyer, another high-level CIA member.

Janney was fond of Mary whose son Michael was his very close friend. Away at boarding school in October 1964, when Meyer was murdered, Janney learned about her death only in November when he returned home for Thanksgiving vacation. Her murder had a disturbing impact upon Janney which he carried into adulthood.

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