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03/30/17 Lyle Blackburn Sasquatch Stalks Woods Of Southern United States
03/23/17 Steven LaChance The Exorcist: A Confrontation With Evil
03/16/17 Jim Willis Ancient Megalithic Structures Display Earlier Lost Civilization
03/09/17 Stanislaw Kapuscinski Brainwashed: Science & Religion Delude Americans
03/02/17 Jason Gregory Simple Steps To Spiritual Enlightenment Revealed
02/23/17 AR Roberts The UFO Phenomenon: What Is The Government Really Covering Up?
02/16/17 Edmund Marriage Is The Interpretation Of Cuneiform Tables By Zecharia Sitchin Wrong
02/09/17 John Shaughnessy Unexplained Moon:  Moon Mysteries Investigated
02/02/17 Don McDonald Is Bigfoot Real Or Fake:  New Evidence Emerges
01/26/17 John DeSouza Former FBI Agent Shares Tales Of Extra-Dimensional Beings
01/19/17 John Hogue Under A Trump Moon: Predictions for 2017
01/12/16 Myron Heavin Human Origins And The Bible:  A Creationists View
01/05/17 Keith Anthony Blanchard  Live Your Life With Passion And Purpose


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