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12/29/16 Jim Marrs
James Fetzer
Trump:  The First 100 Days
12/22/16 John Polk Alien Encounter:  Blue Beings Attend UFO Conference
12/15/16 Laird Scranton Ancient Egyptian Presence In Skara Brae Scotland
12/08/16 Andrew Collins Atlantis:  Edgar Cayce’s Prediction Confirmed
12/01/16 Tom Conwell UFO’s & The Ohio Valley Mound Builders
11/24/16 Miguel Mendonca UFO Disclosure: Extraterrestrial Life On Earth
11/17/16 Peter Janney The Many Affairs Of John F Kennedy
11/03/16 Stanton Friedman
Kathleen Marden
UFOs:  70 Years Of Lies
10/27/16 Jim Marrs WikiLeaks Email Reveals Contact With Extraterrestrial Life
10/20/16 Ben Mezrich Encounters On The 37th Parallel: The UFO Highway
10/24/16 Andy Jardine Annunaki Genesis – Bonus Episode
10/16/16 Ken Gerhard Eyewitness Encounters Of Mysterious Creatures
10/06/16 Linda Egenes Mythical Creatures Of Valmiki’s Ramayana
09/29/16 Jamie “JP” Robinson Real Human Alien Hybrids: The Secrets Of Dulce NM
09/22/16 Betsey Lewis Ancient Serpent Gods: Reptilians In Antiquity
09/15/16 Valery Uvarov The Secrets Of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics
09/08/16 Max Debono-De-Laurentis Apostle Paul Teachings And The Early Churches
09/08/16 Rashmi Khilnani Is God Real & A Belief In God Rational
09/02/16 Paul Wesley Reptilian Archons Control World Government & The Media
08/25/16 Rob Shelsky Moon Conspiracy Evidence: Is The Moon Fake?
08/18/16 Jordan Hofer Shocking True Encounter Of Grey Alien Abduction
 08/11/16 Lars Krutak Indigenous Tattooing History: An Ancient Tradition
 08/04/16 John Hogue Predictions: 2016 Presidential Election: Trump vs. Clinton
07/28/16 Robert Davis FREE Studies Alien Abduction Experiences
07/21/16 Amit Goswami Surviving An Economic Collapse Through Quantum Change
07/14/16 Erica Lukes Weird Happenings At Skinwalker Ranch In Utah
 07/07/16 James Fetzer Orlando Shooting False Flag Emerging Details
06/30/16  Barry Fitzgerald Ancient Fairy Tales Describe Extraterrestrial Creatures
06/23/16 Dimitri Moraitis Change Your Aura: Change Your Life
06/16/16 Rob Shelsky Alien Bases On The Moon
 06/09/16 Graham Phillips King Arthur, Camelot & The Round Table
06/02/16 Steven Strong
Evan Strong
DNA Evidence: Did Alien Gods Create Humans?
05/26/16 Mark Stavich Emerald Tablets Of Thoth:  Atlantis Secrets Revealed
05/19/16 Jim Fetzer The Sandy Hook Elementary School False Flag
04/28/16 Bill Birnes Are Aliens Real? Behind The Scenes Of UFO Hunters
04/21/16 Freddy Silva Christian Faith Challenged: The Resurrection of Jesus
04/07/16 Melanie Young The Starchild Skull: Human Or Extraterrestrial
03/31/16 David Icke Reptilian Advanced Technology Enslaves Humanity
03/24/16 Brad Olsen Secret New World Order & Conspiracy Theories
03/17/16 Miguel Mendonca Confessions Of Human Alien Hybrids
03/10/16 Laird Scranton Egyptian Hieroglyphics Offer Key To Past
 03/03/16 Thomas Conwell Real UFO Sightings
02/25/16 Will Hart Revealing Ancient Aliens Evidence
02/18/16 Bill Forte Want To See A UFO? Night Sky Watching
 02/11/16 Sonia Barrett Big Pharma: Is Corporate America Killing Us?
02/04/16 John Hogue Trump for President: Predictions 2016
01/28/16 Scott Alan Roberts Bible Decoded: Revealing The Amazing Bible
01/21/16 Will Hart Revealing Ancient Aliens Evidence

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