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12/24/15 Leo Lyon Zagami Confessions Of An Illuminati
12/17/15 Tom Carey Roswell: 70 Years Of Cover-up
12/17/15 Patty Greer Alien Messages: Crop Circles Decoded
12/10/15 John Michael Greer The Secrets Of The Occult
2/03/15 Alfred Lambremont Webre Life On Mars: The Evidence Revealed
11/26/15 Robert Bauval The Golden Age Of Ancient Egypt
11/26/15 Bradford Keeney
Hillary Keeney
Dances, Rituals & Ceremonies Of The Bushman
11/19/15 L.A. Marzulli The Nephilim & The End OF Days
11/12/15 Edward Haslam The JFK Assassination & The Cancer Causing Virus
11/05/15 Kevin Randle The Conspiracy of Cover-Up
10/29/15 Richard Southall Haunted Plantations of the South
10/22/15 Arthur Faram The Secret History Of America
10/22/15 Ken Cherry The Stephenville UFO
10/15/15 Hugh Newman
Jim Vieira
Giants In America
10/08/15 Richard Shaw The Secrets Of The Torah Codes
10/08/15 Maria Wheatley The Elongated Skulls Of Stonehenge
10/01/15 RJ vonBruening The Forbidden Knowledge Of Enoch
10/01/13 Eldon Taylor The Destruction Of A Free & Open Society
09/24/15 Nick Redfern Secret History, Conspiracies & Aliens Among Us
09/17/15 David Jacobs The Alien Plan to Control Humanity
09/10/15 Betsey Lewis The Way To Ancient Earth Wisdom
09/10/15 Marc Allen Tantra:  Living the Life of Your Dreams
09/03/15 Jeffrey Daugherty The Shocking Truth Of Apostle Paul
09/03/15 Barbara Hand Clow Romance, Mystery & Heresy: A New Golden Age
08/20/15 Kristy Robinett Messages From The Other Side
08/20/15 Frank Huguenard Spontaneous Healing
08/13/15 Peter Robins Deliberate Deception: UFO’s & Disinformation
08/06/15 C.M. Mayo The Secret Book Of Francisco Madero
08/06/15 Lon Milo DuQuette Magick And The Occult
07/30/15 Maria Nilsson
John Ward
Discovery Of Ancient Egyptian Temple Changes History
07/30/15 Carmen Boulter New Ancient Egyptian Complex Discovered
07/23/15 Josh LaJuanie Dealing With Food Addictions
07/23/15 Chef Del Sroufe Whole Food, Plant Based Eating
07/16/15 Jim Marrs Is Corporate America Killing Us?
07/16/15 Richard Sauder Extraterrestrial & Underground Bases
07/09/15 Brien Foerster Elongated Skulls: Cranial Manipulation or Genetic Anomaly
07/02/15 Will Hart Ancient Aliens & The True Origins of the Species
06/25/15 Marshall Barnes The Myth Of Stephen Hawkins
06/18/15 Nick Pope Revealing Insights Into The Rendlesham Forest UFO Encounter
06/11/15 Paul Boudreau Ancient Myths & Higher Consciousness
06/04/15 Amit Goswami Transforming The Energy Of Money
05/28/15 Timothy Wyllie The Lucifer Rebellion: Fallen Angels On Earth
05/28/15 Anthony Sanchez Ghosts, Extraterrestrials & Spirit Communication
05/21/15 Klaus Dona New Technology Reveals Previously Unknown Ancient Sites
05/14/15 Scotty Roberts
John Ward
The Real History Of Moses
05/07/15 Douglas Dietrich World War II Didn’t End the Way You Think…
04/30/15 Robert Feather Moses, Exodus & The 10 Commandments
04/23/15 Sasha & Janet Lessin Ancient Aliens: Mystery Of The Anunnaki
04/16/15 Leo Lyon Zagami Pope Francis: The Last Pope?
04/09/15 Robert Davis UFO’s: Should I Believe?
04/09/15 Mary Rodwell Experiencers: UFO Related ET Contact
04/02/15 Carl Lehrburger Ancient America: The Real History Of The New World
03/26/13 Laird Scranton Gobekli Tepe and the Spiritual Matrix
03/19/15 Erich von Däniken Ancient Aliens Evidence
03/19/15 Barry Weinhold Are You A 21st Century Man?
03/12/15 Keith Blanchard For The Love Of God
03/12/15 Mary Sutherland The Red Headed Giants
03/05/15 Edward Nightingale The Giza Template
03/05/15 Meg Blackburn Losey The Children Of Now…Evolution
02/26/15 Chef AJ Unprocessed: Eating Better For Health & Vitality
02/26/15 Gary Wagman Stress, Emotions & Health
02/19/15 Mike Bara Ancient Aliens On Mars II
02/12/15 Katherine Chiljan The Shakespeare Conspiracy
02/12/15 Scott Creighton Lost Knowledge Of The Pyramids
02/05/15 Michael Carter God, Extraterrestrials, and Consciousness
01/29/15 Cain Carroll Creating A Spiritual Practice
01/22/15 Steven and Evan Strong The Hidden History Of Australia
01/15/14 Susan Shumsky The Power Of The Chakras
01/08/15 Bernie Seigel Healing, Gratitude, and Love
01/08/15 Neale Donald Walsch God’s Message to the World
01/01/15 Michele Avanti An Astrological Look At 2015
01/01/15 John Hogue Predictions For 2015

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