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12/18/14 Brien Foerster The Lost Technology Of Ancient Egypt
12/11/14 Donna Eden
David Feinstein
The Energy Of Love
12/11/14 Jim Marrs Do The Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?
12/04/14 Brad Olsen Government Secrets, Disinformation & Big Brother
11/27/14 Robert Bauval The Lost Knowledge Of Ancient Egypt
11/20/14 Jason Gregory The Science Of Humility
11/13/14 Eric Pearl The Reconnection Continues
11/06/14 Philip Comella The Collapse of Materialism
11/06/14 Gabriel Roberts The Roots Of Spiritual Belief
10/30/14 Von Braschler Malevolent Entities and Disembodied Spirits
10/23/14 Ellen Evert Hopman Being Pagan: Druids, Wiccans, and Witches
10/16/14 Jennifer O’Neill Energy Vampires
10/16/14 Rick DeLano The Principle
10/09/14 Brandon Herd Ancient American Secrets Revealed
10/02/14 Robert Salas Have World Governments Conspired to Conceal UFO Activity?
09/25/14 John Hogue Nostradamus, Predictions & The Future
09/04/14 Laird Scranton Is Sophisticated Science Coded In Early Symbols
Jonathan Gray
Secret History & Ancient Technology
09/11/14 Kenaz Filan Voodoo, Black Magic, Curses & Psychic Attacks
9/04/14 Dimitri Moraitis Communing With The Divine
09/04/14 David Rountree Do Evil Ghosts Exist?
08/28/14 A.R. Roberts The Anatomy of UFO Phenomena
08/28/14 Ken Elliott Revolutionized Manifesting
08/21/14 Martha Decker Paranormal Profiling
08/21/14 Nate Riddle Texas UFO’s
08/14/14 Nick Redfern UFO’s: Mysterious Murders, Suspicious Deaths, Bizarre Disappearances
08/07/14 Tobias Churton Aleister Crowley: Poet, Painter, Writer and Magician
07/31/14 Alfred Lambremont Webre Evidence Of Intelligent Civilizations In The Multiverse
07/24/14 Robert Thomas Alien Technology In Antiquity
07/17/14 Andrew Collins The Secrets Of Göbekli Tepe
07/17/14 Cynthia Sue Larson
Quantum Jumps: Quantum Effects Do Occur
07/10/14 Kathryn Andries Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose
07/10/14 Keith Anthony Blanchard Communicating With Your Spirit Guides
07/03/14 Ahmed Osman The Lost City Of Exodus
06/26/14 Shelly Wilson Journey into Consciousness
06/19/14 Uri Geller One-on-One With Uri Geller
06/19/14 Cash Peters Does Your Life Matter?
06/12/14 Nicholas E. Brink The Power Of Norse Shamanism
06/12/14 M.J. Ryan How to Survive Change You Didn’t’ Ask For
06/05/14 Ted Peters Are UFO Pictures Actually God’s Chariots?
05/29/14 Maria Wheatley Terrestrial Energies To Celestial Influences
05/29/14 Gregory Sams Breaking News: Why Isn’t Politics Working?
05/15/14 HermanSJr Quantum Physics, Morphogenetic Resonance & Society
05/08/14 Paul D. Burley Ancient Archaeological Site Of StoneHenge
05/08/14 Brandy Herr The Ghosts Of Granbury
05/01/14 Robert D. Morningstar UFO’s, Government Cover-up & The Soul
05/01/14 Richard Alan Miller Alternative Agriculture
04/24/14 Steven & Evan Strong Forgotten Origin: A New Theory Of Human Civilization
 04/24/14 Paul Von Ward Children of a Living Universe
04/17/14 Daniel Unterbrink Is Jesus of Nazareth A Literary Creation
04/14/14 Dennis Stone The Mystery Of Stonehenge: America’s Stonehenge
04/10/14 Marshall Barnes Time Machines & Time Travel
04/10/14 Jordan Hofer The Evolution Of The Little Gray Aliens
04/03/14 Chris Hardy The Genetic Engineering Of The Annunaki Gods
03/27/14 Jeffery Pritchett
Andy Colvin
The Secret Life Of Bigfoot
03/20/14 Marie D. Jones Mythology: History Hidden In Plain Sight
03/20/14 Susan Shumsky The Power Of The Aura
03/13/14 John Shaughnessy Pyramid Power: Ancient Energy Technology
03/06/14 Don Donderi Science, Politics, and UFOs
03/06/14 Craig Woolheater Finding BigFoot & Other Cryptid Creatures
02/27/14 Robert Bauval The Vatican Heresy
02/20/14 Stephen Knapp The Secret Teachings of the Vedas
02/13/14 Varla Ventura Are Mermaids Real?
02/13/14 Carl Helvie Alternative Health Approaches To Chronic Illnesses
02/06/14 James Carman Alien Contact & The Government Cover-up
02/06/14 Avery Morrow Lost Chronicles of Ancient Japan
01/30/14 Mike Bara Ancient Aliens On Mars?
01/23/14 Jonathan Goldman Using The Energy Of Sound
01/23/14 Robbie Holz Secrets Of Alternative Medicine: Aboriginal Healing
01/16/14 Edward F. Malkowski Will The New World Order Create A Golden Age Here On Earth?
Larry Flaxman The Invisible Grid Of Multidimensional Existence
01/09/14 Rev. Michael Carter Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible
Debra Clement 2014: Your Year Ahead




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