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12/26/13 Jim Harold Ghost Stories – Tales Of Things That Go Bump In The Night
12/19/13 Aaron Judkins The Return of the Nephilim
12/19/13 Don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo Ancestral Healing Traditions Of Peru
12/12/13 Xaviant Haze Evidence Of Ancient Aliens In Egypt
12/12/13 Lyle Blackburn The Lizard Man Of Bishopville, SC
12/05/13 Brien Foerster Parallels In Ancient Sites Found Around The World
11/28/13 Jesse Ventura Who Killed JFK?
11/28/13 Ted Torbich False Falgs
11/21/13 Charlotte Szivak The Akashic Record, Twin Flames & Divine Unions
11/14/13 Stanton Friedman UFO’s, Disclosure And The White House
11/14/13 Christopher O’Brien The Cattle Mutilation Controversy
11/07/13 Amit Goswami The Physics Of The Soul
10/31/13 Christopher George
Victor Fuhrman
Spooky Halloween Spectacular
10/24/13 Douglas Dietrich The Third Reich Never Died
10/17/13 Lewis E. Graham Atlantis Found?
10/10/13 Jack Churchward Lifting The Veil On The Lost Continent of Mu
10/10/13 Barry Brailsford In Search of the Southern Serpent
10/03/13 Dr. Bernie Siegel The Art Of Healing
10/03/13 Zohara Hieronimus Earth Changes & The Power Of Consciousness
09/26/13 Ken Gerhard Encounters With Flying Humanoids
09/26/13 E. R. Vernor – Corvis Nocturnu Zombie Nation
09/19/13 Barbara Hand Clow Kundalini, Astrology, and the Key Life Transitions
09/19/13 Denise Linn The Secret Alchemy Of Food
09/13/13 Scott Wolter The Kensington Runestone
& Other Out Of Place Artifacts In America
09/05/13 Shannon Dorey The Nummo & The Mythology Of The Dogon
09/05/13 Alex Teplish The Epic Of The Anunnaki
08/29/13 Laird Scranton Myth, Symbol, Reality
08/29/13 Ross Hamilton The Mystery Of The Great Serpent Mound
08/15/13 Dr. Michael Witzel The Origin Of Mythology
08/15/13 Cain Carroll Decoding The Mudras of India
08/08/13 Nick Redfern Bizarre Creatures, Extraordinary Animals & The Government
07/25/13 Cash Peters Soul Mapping
07/25/13 Jack Elias Connecting To Your Inner Intellegence
07/18/13 Andy McFareast Ancient Mysteries From Exotic Lands
07/18/13 Josh Reeves The Rock Wall of Rockwall Texas
07/12/13 Hugh Newman The Mystery Of Giants Of North America
07/12/13 Craig Campobasso Stranger At The Pentagon
06/27/13 Tom Carey Inside The Real Area 51
06/27/13 Jim Self The Shift
06/20/13 Keith M. Hunter The Lost Secrets Of The Ancients
06/13/13 Dawson Church EFT, Epigenetics & Weight Loss
06/13/13 Charlotte Szivak Talking With the Animals
06/06/13 Nick J. Tate Navigating ObamaCare
05/30/13 Justin McLachlan Treknology: Star Trek & Beyond
05/30/13 Tricia Kelly Conscious Parenting
05/23/13 Stacey A. Martin Entitlement: The “E” Word
05/23/13 Joseph Macchio The Christian Conspiracy
05/16/13 Kathleen Marden
Denise Stoner
Startling Cases of Human Alien Contact
05/08/13 Michael Tamura The Science and Art of Clairvoyant Reading
05/02/13 James Swagger The Megalithic Civilisation Of Newgrange
05/02/13 Rick Osmon Ancient Fortresses In The American
04/18/13 Michael Cremo When Science & Religions Are Compared
04/18/13 Len Kasten The US / UFO Conspiracy
04/11/13 William John Meegan The Mysteries and Esoteric Teachings Of The Sistine Chapel
04/11/13 E. Grey Lorimer In Search Of Mr. Or Mrs. Right
04/04/13 Russell Targ Scientific Proof Of ESP
04/04/13 Jim Stein Can Math Explain Paranormal Phenomena?
03/28/13 Gary Greenburg The Moses Mystery
03/21/13 Patty Greer Crop Circles & Sacred Sites
03/21/13 Ed Komarek Exopolitics And Alien Contact
03/14/13 Frank Huguenard The Science of Self Discovery
03/07/13 Keith Age Inside Spooky Waverly Hills
03/07/13 Nicholas Brink The Power of Ecstatic Trance
02/28/13 Roger Bezanis Heal Your Body: Cleansing & Detoxification
02/28/13 William Brown Alien Intervention Into Life On Earth
02/21/13 Jeffrey Gonzalez Strange Lights Over Sacramento
02/21/13 Monique Chapman Reclaim Your Power
02/14/13 Eva Herr Consciousness
02/14/13 Tracy Brown Diversity: Love Yourself, Love Others
02/07/13 Brad Steiger Four-Legged Miracles
02/07/13 Rabbi Wayne Dosick Are You Or Your Child An Indigo?
01/31/13 Jeromy Jones Ghost Hunting Equipment
01/31/13 David Sereda LightStream Technology
01/31/13 Dakara Kies Ghost Be Gone Spray
01/24/13 Robert S. Thomas Evidence Of Alien Intervention
01/17/13 Carolle Jean-Murat, MD Voodoo In My Blood
01/11/13 John Ventre UFO’s Over Pennsylvania
01/11/13 Norio Hayakawa The UFO Conspiracy
01/03/13 Debra Clement
Michele Avanti
2013: Your Year Ahead




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