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12/28/12 Brien Foerster Critical Results: DNA Testing Of The Elongated Heads Of Peru
12/28/12 Betsey Lewis Angels Or Aliens?
12/21/12 Dr. Rita Louise
John Michael Greer
What Were You Doing
While The World Was Coming To An End?
12/14/12 Tobias Churton The Mysteries of John the Baptist
12/14/12 Jeane Manning New (Free) Energy
12/07/12 Maria Wheatley The Ancient Standing Stones Of Europe
12/07/12 Robert Feather New Insights On The Dead Sea Scrolls
11/30/12 Thomas J. Nolan III Walking in a World of Chaos
11/30/12 John Cappello Life From A Psychic Point Of View
11/23/12 Rita Louise, PhD
Wayne Laliberte, MS
Is Our True History Hiding In Plain Site?
11/16/12 Paul Bradford Ghost Tech
11/16/12 Lyle Blackburn Beasts, Monsters & Bigfoot
11/09/12 Mike Bara Ancient Aliens On The Moon?
11/02/12 Father Sebastiaan Living The Vampire Life
10/26/12 David Rountree
Thomas P. Fusco
Einstein, Ghosts & Scientific Theory
10/19/12 Michael Tellinger Slave Species Of The Gods
10/12/12 Michele Avanti Political Astrology: Election Year 2012
10/12/12 Eduard Qualls Is Greed Capitalism Vexing You?
10/05/12 Lisa Romanek Extraterrestrial Contact: A Spouses Point of View
10/05/12 Jay Weidner The Moon Landing Conspiracy
09/28/12 James Wasserman A Memoir Of The Occult
09/28/12 Normandi Ellis Egyptian Cosmology
09/21/12 Robert M. Schoch Göbekli Tepe: The End Of A Civilization
09/14/12 Anthony Sanchez The Greys, The Annunaki & The Illuminati
09/14/12 Martha Decker Bring A Gun: Ghost Hunting Texas Style
09/07/12 David Weatherly The Black Eyed Children
09/07/12 Philip Coppens The Enigma of Ancient Civilizations
08/31/12 Carmen Boulter The Secrets Of The Pyramids
08/24/12 Rabbi Wayne Dosick The Real Name Of God
08/17/12 Nick Redfern Government Secrets, Pyramids and the Pentagon
08/10/12 DaKara Kies Relinquishing Limitation
08/10/12 Shaeri Richards Loving Your Unlovable Self
08/03/12 Norman Shealy Energy Medicine
08/03/12 Chris Carter Science and Psychic Phenomena
07/27/12 Marie D. Jones This Show Is From The Future
07/27/12 Cynthia Sue Larson When Consciousness Changes The World
07/20/12 Maurie Pressman Finding Your Twin Soul
07/20/12 Richard Dolan AD: After Disclosure
07/13/12 Brien Foerster Cranial Deformation & The Red Headed Elongated Skulls
07/06/12 Nancy Red Star The Wisdom Of Our Star Ancestors
07/06/12 Lynn Andrews Ancient Teachings for a Modern World
06/29/12 Dan LaFave The Paranormal World Of Ghost Hunting
06/29/12 Lynn Woodland Making Miracles
06/22/12 Stephen Sakellarios Reincarnation: Have You Been Here Before?
06/22/12 Jesse Ventura Political Parties: Thugs In Brooks Brothers Suits
06/15/12 Ken Hudnall UFOs, Secret Societies, and Ancient Gods
06/08/12 Sam Osmanagich Updates: Straight From The Bosnian Pyramids
06/08/12 CK Quarterman Fallen Angels, Giants, UFO’s & The New World Order
06/01/12 Jerry Pippin From al -Qaida To UFO’s
05/25/12 David Feinstein Ethics for Energy Healing Practitioners
05/25/12 Von Braschler The Secrets Of Time Travel
05/18/12 Gian J. Quasar Strange Sea Mysteries
05/18/12 James O’Kon The Lost Technology Of The Maya
05/11/12 Keith Blanchard What Do You Love?
05/04/12 Michael Cremo Extreme Antiquity of the Human Race
05/04/12 Dannion Brinkley 2012: The Changing Face Of Time
04/27/12 Roger Bezanis How To Survive In Our Toxic World
04/27/12 Jean McClelland Medicine: When East Meets West
04/20/12 Hugh Newman Ley Lines & Sacred Sites
04/20/12 Amit Goswami
Quantum Physics & The Healing Power of Integral Medicine
04/13/12 Micah Hanks Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule
04/06/12 Thomas P. Fusco Behind the Veil: A New Vision of Reality
04/06/12 Eldon Taylor What You Believe Matters
03/30/12 Scott Alan Roberts The Untold Story of Fallen Angels
03/23/12 Laird Scranton Velikovsky: Ancient Catastrophes
03/23/12 Michael A. Jawer
Marc S. Micozz
Personal Boundaries & Your Health
03/16/12 Frank Joseph The Lost Civilizations Of Lemuria & Atlantis
03/09/12 William (Bill) Birnes The Quest For Extraterrestial Life
03/02/12 Dean De Lucia The Hollow Earth Theory
02/24/12 John Michael Greer 2012: Is The End Of The World Upon Us?
02/17/12 Jeff Belanger The World’s Most Haunted Places
02/17/12 Susyn Reeve Living An Inspired Life
02/10/12 Kenaz Filan New Orleans Vodou
02/10/12 Jason Gregory The Way Of The Weirdo
02/03/12 Brien Foerster
Christopher Dunn
The Ancient Technology Of The Inca
01/27/12 Barbara Hand Clow Awakening The Planetary Mind
01/27/12 Philip Coppen The Ancient Alien Question
01/20/12 John Cappello Mediumship
01/13/12 Ken Gordon Reclaiming Democracy
01/13/12 James Wasserman Solomon’sTemple
01/06/12 Fiona Broome The Paranormal Patterns of Ghosts
01/06/12 Cash Peters John of God




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