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12/30/11 Michele Avanti 2012: The Year Ahead
12/23/11 Gary Greenberg The Gospels: Fact, Fiction or Speculation
12/23/11 Frank Huguenard Jesus: The Missing Knowledge
12/16/11 Stephen Mehler The People Of The Great Pyramid
12/09/11 James van Praagh Messages From The Other Side
12/09/11 Nick Redfern Who Are The Real Men In Black
12/02/11 Meg Blackburn Losey Healing The Body, Mind & Spirit – Naturally
11/18/11 Timothy Wyllie The Rebel Angels
11/11/11 Klaus Dona Ancient Anomalous Artifacts
11/04/11 Curtis Davis Magic & The Occult
11/04/11 E. Grey Lorimer Science & The Path Of True Love
10/28/11 Aron Houdini The Last Living Houdini
10/28/11 Jim Harold Ghost Stories
10/21/11 Michael Bastine The Supernatural World Of The Iroquois
10/21/11 Edmund Gomez The Cattle Mutilation Enigma
10/14/11 Scott Alan Roberts Adam, Eve & “The Others”
10/14/11 Marie Jones The Trinity
10/07/11 Hugh Newman Before The Maya
10/07/11 Philip Coppens The Odyssey Of The Gods
09/30/11 Guy Finley The Search, The Seeker, The Sacred
09/30/11 Sondra Ray Living, Loving & Rebirthing
09/23/11 James Arthur Jancik The Doctrines Of The Bible
09/23/11 Shefali Tsabary Conscious Parenting
09/16/11 Derrel Sims Handwriting Analysis &
Hypnotherapy & Alien Abduction
09/09/11 Kerry Lynn Cassidy Behind Project Camelot
09/09/11 Maxine Taylor Discovering YOUR Life Mission
09/02/11 Mike Bara NASA’s Dark Missions
09/02/11 Claude Swanson Subtle Energy: The Scientific Evidence
08/26/11 Peter J. Haviland Poltergiests
08/26/11 Mark Hunnemann Seeing Ghosts through God’s Eyes
08/19/11 Stanton Friedman
Kathleen Marden
UFOs & Aliens: Exposed, Uncovered, and Declassified
08/12/11 David Sereda The Fukushima Disaster & Your Health
08/05/11 Robin Kelly, MD The Human Hologram
08/05/11 Robert Whitaker Psychiatric Drugs: Anatomy of an Epidemic
07/29/11 Keith Blanchard Getting Into The Zone
07/29/11 Brien Foerster The Megalithic Buildings Of The Inca
07/22/11 Edmund Marriage The Annunaki, The Elohim and the Shining Ones
07/15/11 David Rountree The Science Of Ghost Hunting
07/08/11 Joseph P. Farrell Ancient Technology and Planetary Warfare
07/08/11 Steven Manly Visions Of The Multiverse
07/01/11 Joseph Selbie The Yuga Cycles & Changes In Consciousness
07/01/11 Bente Hansen Inner Transformation, 2012 & Earth Changes
06/24/11 Robert Bauval Egypt’s Black Genesis
06/17/11 Bruce Lipton Spontaneous Evolution
06/17/11 Colette Baron-Reid Finding The Magic In Your Life
06/10/11 Jean McClelland Fast Forward to Success
06/10/11 William R. Levacy Vedic Astrology
06/03/11 Anna J. Shouse Finding A Spiritual Community
06/03/11 Ram Dass Be Here Now, Be Love Now
05/27/11 Walter Cruttenden Dark Star, Binary Star & the Precession of the Equinox
05/27/11 Susan B. Martinez The Quickening
05/20/11 Sam Osmanagich The Bosnian Pyramids
05/20/11 Michael Brill Cosmic Numerology
05/13/11 Michael Tellinger The Lost Civilisation of Southern Africa
05/06/11 Barbara Y. Martin & Dimitri Moraitis

Karma & Reincarnation

04/29/11 Robert M. Schoch Changing History, One Momument At A Time
04/22/11 Fred Alan Wolf Physics, Spirit, Soul, Matter, and Self
04/22/11 Sonia Barrett Mastering the Matrix of the Mind
04/15/11 James Twyman Awaken To Your Divine Purpose
04/15/11 Jesse Ventura What The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know
04/08/11 Nick Redfern What Is NASA Hiding?
04/01/11 James Redfield The Celestine Prophecy – The 12th Insight
04/01/11 Michael Tamura Making The Leap to Knowing Your Truth
03/25/11 Lucy Wayatt What The Ancients Have Taught Us
03/25/11 Orna Ben-Shoshan The 72 Names Of God
03/11/11 Joan Borysenko Developing Resilience in Times of Change
03/04/11 DaKara Kies Heart Point Healing
02/25/11 Steven Greer, MD Contact With Interstellar Civilizations
02/25/11 Carl von Essen, MD Nature As A Spiritual Guide
02/18/11 Marc Allen Creating The Life Of Your Dreams
02/18/11 Len Kasten The Secret History of Extraterrestrials
02/11/11 Amit Goswami Quantum Activism
02/11/11 Diane M. Raab Journaling: Healing With Words
01/28/11 David Liepert Healing Religious Differences
01/28/11 Frank Joseph The Gods and Godesses Of The Runes
01/21/11 Thomas E. Reed Multi-generational Alien Abduction
01/14/11 Kevin Cook Marian Apparitions
01/14/11 Jason Martell The Search For Planet X
01/07/11 Michael Cremo Hindu Cosmology & Human Evolution
12/29/10 Debra Clement An Astrological Preview Of 2011

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