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Andre Williams
12/21/07 Cynthia Shaw Spirit Guides:Their Guidance, Intuition&You
12/14/07 Stephen Lewis Vibrational Medicine
12/14/07 Earnie Larsen The Healers Way
12/07/07 Daniel J. Benor The Mind/Body Connection
11/30/07 Stanton Friedman The First Documented Alien Abduction
11/16/07 David Robert Ord The Key To Meaningful Relationships
11/09/07 James Arthur Jancik Finding Spiritual Truths
11/02/07 Dannion Brinkley Spiritual Strategies To Empower Your Life
10/26/07 Echo Bodine Living From Your Intuition
10/19/07 Sri Ram Kaa &
Kira Raa
Authenticity: The Evolution Of The Soul
10/12/07 Dr. Eldon Taylor How To Create The Life You Want
10/12/07 David Sereda From Here To Andromeda
10/05/07 Jean Pierre Khordoc Numerology: The Science Of Numbers
10/05/07 Mark Stavish Working With Energy: The Path of Alchemy
09/28/07 Edward Malkowski The Spiritual Technology Of Ancient Egypt
09/21/07 Carol Barbeau
Transits: Saturn’s Cycle Into Virgo?
09/21/07 Raymond Francis Achieving Optimal Health
09/14/07 Live w/Co-host
Jerry Pippin
I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts
09/07/07 Dr. Louis Turi Nostradamus Divine Astrology
08/31/07 Richard M. Dolan UFO’s: The Chronology Of A Cover-Up
08/24/07 Susan Gregg Everyday Meditation
08/24/07 Donna Henes Stepping Into Sovereignty In Midlife
08/17/07 Laird Scranton The Science Of The Ancient Dogan
08/10/07 Robert Caruso Opening To The World Of Psychic Abilities
08/03/07 Bente Hansen SelfHealing: Rejuvenating Your Energy Field
07/20/07 Alijandra Transfigurational Matrix Healing
07/20/07 James Jacobson How To Meditate With Your Dog
07/13/07 Robert Schwartz Life Challenges: Did We Plan Them Before We Were Born?
07/13/07 Tina Volpe Eating In America: The Fast Food Craze
07/06/07 Dr. Roger Lier Alien Implants
07/06/07 Dean Haglund The X-Files & More!
Jim Wilhelmsen Aliens In The Bible
Guy Finley The Secrets Of Being Unstoppable
Andre Williams Making Sense Of Spiritual Practices
Jerry Pippin Preview of the 2007 Roswell UFO Festival
Michele Avanti What Are Your Dreams Trying To Tell You?
Frank Joseph Opening the Ark of the Covenant
06/08/07 Lynda Stone How Does Human Design Transform Your Life?
06/08/07 Chad J. Rohlfsen, DC Vaccines 911
06/01/07 Rabbi Gershon Winkler Exploring the Kabbalah
05/25/07 Khama Anku The Three Phases of Spiritual Fitness
05/25/07 Jim Sparks Alien Abduction: A Message for the Human Race
05/18/07 Ann Druffel Are The “End Times” Upon Us?
05/18/07 David Malin Embracing Change
05/11/07 Cathleen McCandless Feng Shui: Creating A Nurturing Environment
05/11/07 Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha Soul Mind Body Medicine
05/04/07 Dennis Balthaser The Truth About The Roswell Incident
05/04/07 Troy Parkinson Connecting with Spirit
04/27/07 Kathryn Harwig Is There Life After Death?
04/27/07 Echo Bodine Psychic Tools: Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Séances & Ouija Boards
04/20/07 Michael Cremo Human Devolution: An Alternative to Darwin’s Theory 
04/13/07 Dr. Mitchell Gibson Rejuvinate The Body, Mind & Spirit With Sun Gazing
04/13/07 Rev. Claudia McNeely Protecting Yourself From A Psychic Attack
04/06/07 Shoshanna Katzman Finding Balance Through Chinese Medicine
04/06/07 Hermann Müller The Magic of Mind/Body Communication
03/30/07 Michelene K. Bell The Evolution Of The New Age Movement
03/30/07 Carol Barbeau Can Astrology Help You?
03/23/07 Donna Reis Color Therapy: What Color Are You?
03/23/07 CJ Martes Working With The Akashic Record 
03/16/07 Cynthia Sue Larson What Does Your Aura Reveals About You!
03/16/07 Dr. Milinda Morris Working With Bio-Identical Hormones
03/09/07 Charles Lightwalker
John Peterson
Dr. Rita Louise
Medical Intuition Special
03/02/07 TracyJo Hamiltion Healing Unconscious Blocks
03/02/07 Dr. Derek Spark, MD Talking To Your Body
02/23/07 Carol Anne Munro Spiritual Entities
02/23/07 Dr. Margaret Paul Healing Your Relationships
02/16/07 Dr. Jimmy Lowery Paranormal Investigations
02/09/07 Elaine Dodson Cooking With Consciousness
02/09/07 Earl Hall The Healing Power Of Sound
02/02/07 Dr. Brooks Agnew The Energy Of Mother Earth
01/26/07 Karen Davies Perception Is Everything
01/26/07 Jeannie Blaha Guidance From Your Angels
01/19/07 DaKara Kies Create The Life You Want!
01/12/07 Dr. Fran Assaf Balancing The Body
01/12/07 Carole Layman Healing Past Live Trauma
01/5/07 Rebecca Jernigan Psychic Abilities

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