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Bigfoot Sightings: Man, Myth or Monster – by Martin Richard Sleigh

Throughout history there have been countless bigfoot sightings, eye-witness accounts of an ape-like creature with human characteristics lurking in remote mountain ranges and forests. Although there is no smoking gun which can conclusively prove or disprove the existence of Bigfoot outright, there’s plenty of evidence to support either claim. This article attempts to separate the myth from the reality and determine once and for all whether Bigfoot was, or still is, a living mammal or whether the existence of such a creature is nothing more than a case of mistaken identity, a series of elaborate hoaxes or the figment of overactive human imaginations.


New In The Lending Library

The Tibetan Book Of The Dead

According to Tibetan tradition, the Tibetan Book Of The Dead was composed in the eighth century C.E., it is intended to prepare the soul for the trials and transformations of the after world. It is intended to guide one through the experiences of the consciousness has after death and in the “bardo”, the interval between death and the next rebirth.


From The Archives

Are UFO Pictures Actually God’s Chariots – Ted Peters

Ted Peters offers a fascinating critical survey of the aerial phenomenon (God’s Chariots) since it essentially began in 1947.  He uncovers and exposes the clandestine spiritual dimensions within the UFO phenomenon. UFOs vibrate with transcendence, omniscience, perfection, and redemption.  He contends these “chariots” delve deeply into government conspiracies.


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