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Join Dr. Rita Louise on a journey through time and space where past, present and future collide. What we want to know is ...

Who made up the rules?

Each week Dr. Rita is joined by experts from the fields of astrology, alternative health, ancient mysteries, cryptozoology, ghost hunting, metaphysics and spirituality, paranormal phenomena, quantum physics, UFO's and alien abduction and more...

Dr. Rita will infuse every show with both credibility and content. Just Energy Radio bridges the worlds of science, spirit and culture and will change the way the world views all that lays hidden to the naked eye.

Be brave and step outside the box. We are departing our old beliefs and entering alternative realms.

Enjoy the possibilities!

"Great show, so glad I found you. The steady quality of subjects and guests makes you better than Coast to Coast AM by a ton." - ajw1403

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